Mittwoch, 12. November 2014

Cory Doctorow über Writer's Block

In einem Artikel, in dem es eigentlich um Amanda Palmers neues Buch The Art of Asking geht, schildert Cory Doctorow sehr anschaulich seine eigenen Schreibblockaden und wie er sie überwindet:
For many years, I was plagued by writer's block which is best understood as the crippling fear that the words you write when you aren't "inspired" will be bad words, unworthy and irremediable words. For five terrible years in my twenties, I didn't finish a single story, though I started dozens. Eventually, with a lot of hard work, I came to realise that though when I wrote, I felt that I was either writing "good" words or "bad" words, that six months after the fact, I couldn't tell the difference. That the self-doubt and fear I felt when I was writing bad had more to do with things like my blood-sugar levels and the state of my romantic life and finances than it did with the words themselves.

I still feel that fear. It is terrible and immiserating. I'm in the last month of writing on the first draft of a 180,000 word novel, a monstrous beast that is far too large for me to hold it all conscious memory, that I can only navigate through intuition and informed guesswork. Every day, five days a week, I write one thousand new words on this book, and every day, I finish this task in dead certainty that I am destroying this book, writing unsalvageable dreck that will spoil a novel that I was so excited and hopeful about last March.

But I write on, not because I don't feel the fear, but because I have mastered it. Bravery isn't fearlessness: it is preserverence in the face of fear.
Besser kann man es, finde ich, nicht sagen. Diese Passage beschreibt meine eigenen Erfahrungen sehr treffend -- und vermutlich auch die von vielen anderen.