Mittwoch, 5. März 2014

Laura Levine sagt ...

Laura Levine ist die Autorin einer Krimireihe, deren Heldin den beinahe literarischen Namen Jaine Austen trägt. In einem Interview sprach sie darüber, wie wichtig Selbstvertrauen für Autoren ist.
In my humble op, the important thing for any writer is to keep writing, and never let herself be paralyzed by self-doubt. When I first started out in show biz, I had a wonderful mentor who told me, “Laura, everything stinks at the beginning. Just keep writing. You can always come back and fix it later.” And it’s so true. Writers are often assailed with doubts at the beginning of a project, and allow their inner critic to stymie them. But if you just keep plugging ahead, the more your confidence builds and the easier the process becomes. 
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