Montag, 30. Mai 2011

Tweets zum Thema Schreiben (31)

Hier meine Tweets der vergangenen Woche über das Schreiben und verwandte Themen:
Ganz schön anstregend das übers Schreiben. Das soll daraus werden:
Heute vor 1 Jahr in meinem Blog: Aus den Fehlern anderer lernen
So you want to be a professional writer -
Heute vor 2 Jahren in meinem Blog: Ein Prachtexemplar von Bandwurmsatz
Grins. Laut schreibe ich in meinem fast fertigen Thriller wie ... (aufgepasst) Rainer Maria Rilke

RT : Screenwriters: We made an app for the iPad. It lets you read Final Draft files and looks great.
RT : My NYTimes magazine profile of J.J. Abrams on the eve of his new movie's release,

RT : Inspired by & others, a new post: The article as luxury or byproduct.

Gift cards for EBooks? Great idea - for bookstores, too
RT : Want an easy way to earn some Amazon gift cards? Just lend your Kindle books on Lendle
MT RT : Mike Stackpole on the future of books and why epub is good:
RT : Nina Kreutzfeldt über aktuelle Entwicklungen auf dem E-Book-Markt (
"it's the *terms* that are important to me, not the means by which I achieve them."
"authors have more options now than we've ever had before" "self-publishing is...a viable ... choice"