Montag, 18. April 2011

Tweets zum Thema Schreiben (26)

Hier meine Tweets der vergangenen Woche über das Schreiben und verwandte Themen:
Internet-Fund: fürs Hören - von Stefan Wachtel
Meine Tipps gegen Schreibblockaden
Nice MT @: What exactly is Line Editing?
David Brooks on the central role of metaphors

MT @: Want my advice on writing? not bad for a fictional fiction writer ;-)
Heinrich Heine über Dichter und fremde Ideen Plagiat? Inspiration!
agree RT @: Writing is like sculpture:
The Top Suspense Group on Creating & Sustaining Suspense
Stephen King on the Creative Process, the State of Fiction, and More - The Atlantic
RT @: If you write one story, it may be bad; if you write a hundred, you have the odds in your favor. EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS
Libby Fischer Hellmann On Suspense
RT @: How Genius Works: Our special report on what drives creativity and inspiration.
The stuff of life: Flash fiction - overturning stereotypes

Look what I've found: ’s Survival Guide by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

"FAQs are one of the best ways to break down a massive and complex topic" Duncan Clark, The Guardian
RT @: Doku über Tsunami-Zeugen: Mein Therapeut heißt Skype
MT @: RT @: ganz praktisch: Christina Elmers (dpa) Folien von der
v interesting RT @: Al Jazeera's new show The Stream, powered by @, is now live at:

A Kindle Drawback and Possible Implications for Writers
RT @: Startup streamt eBooks aus der Cloud, kostenlos mit Werbung
Eisler and Konrath on and Part 2
Booklet: Blogbeiträge für Mensch und Suchmaschine [Leitfaden]
Advice for Amanda Hocking from authors and agents
"I have more control self-publishing" bestselling author Bob Mayer
RT @: Großbritannien/ USA: Digital bedrängt Print
RT @: 5 Tools to Be More Efficient on Twitter (Social Media Today)
RT @: Been wondering about this: Authors Sign eBooks Electronically -
hilarious RT @: Self-Publishing 911:
RT @: Evidence of massive under-reporting of digital royalties by legacy publishers:
v good article RT @: The gatekeeper's mentality runs deep.
The established entertainment businesses don't understand: the internet needs enablers, not gatekeepers via @
Are You Dense? J.A. Konrath refutes arguments against

MT @: RT @: : Harald Müller – Wissenschaftler brauchen

Online Font Converter RT @: Need a font in a different format? Problem solved:!5791704