Dienstag, 4. Januar 2011

Alexander McCall Smith sagt ...

"Nobody uses large numbers of adjectives when they think, and I believe that writing which one cannot actually think can very easily look wrong on the page."

Interessantes Kriterium für lesbare Sätze: Sie sollen klingen wie etwas, das man denkt. Gefällt mir.

Gefunden habe ich diesen Gedanken in dem Artikel Block That Adjective! von Alexander McCall Smith auf der Website des Wall Street Journals. Weiter heißt es dort:
The real aim, of course, is conciseness. Concise prose knows what it wants to say, and says it. It does not embellish, except occasionally, and then for dramatic effect. It is sparing in its use of metaphor. And it is certainly careful in its use of adjectives.
Und etwas später:
If somebody sets out in great detail what is before us, we very quickly become bored. That is not the way we see the world; we look for salience, we look for the feature that will engage our interest.
Der Artikel ist erschienen in der Rubrik Word Craft, die unbedingt einen Besuch wert ist.