Mittwoch, 12. August 2009

Was braucht eine gute Geschichte?

Charakterentwicklung und Plot, beides gehört zu einer Geschichte. Für das ideale Verhältnis der beiden zueinander hat der Autor Michael A. Stackpole eine 'Formel' gefunden.

In seinem Post The Myth of Formula schreibt er mehr dazu:
30% of your story better be about your main character’s growth arc, and the rest of the words better make up a self-contained and satisfying story that stands alone.

...the 30/70 split is a guideline I came up with myself in thinking about what other authors have done to keep me interested in their long-running series. Since coming up with it (and varying the percentages in the stories I serialize to my website) I’ve noticed that television shows like Burn Notice and Castle hit pretty much the same percentages. As television is the dominant storytelling medium in the world today, and television presentations educate us as how to understand story, producing work that is compatible with that model only makes it easier for consumers to enjoy our work.