Montag, 1. August 2011

Tweets zum Thema Schreiben (39)

Hier meine Tweets der vergangenen Woche über das Schreiben und verwandte Themen:
Heute vor 1 Jahr in meinem Blog: Schreiben Sie anschaulich
RT : After Deadline tells writers to be more judicious w. 'head-scratching' words
Buchtipp: Gut und verständlich schreiben in zehn einfachen Schritten! lobt meinen Schreibratgeber
Neu im Blog: Meine wichtigste Schreibregel für Sachtexte
Heute vor 2 Jahren in meinem Blog: Wer einfach schreibt, wirkt klüger
Heute vor 1 Jahr in meinem Blog: Kostenlose Schreibkurse

MT : 'The cat sat on the mat' is not the beginning of a story,but 'the cat sat on the dog's mat' is. John le Carré

The end of mass media: Coming full circle | The Economist
"I’m particularly glad that the NYT has proven that a very porous paywall can work" via
RT : From + Data journalism at the Guardian: what is it and how do we do it?
Tricks of the Trade With The Atlantic’s Senior Editor Megan McArdle
Mir als Freier aus d Seele gesprochen: Der Copy-and-Paste-”Journalismus” von “Spiegel Online” « Handelsblog HT
RT : RT : Neu im Blog: Hinweise für Journalisten, die Skype einsetzen

The Hybrid Writer: Balancing Traditional and Self-publishing
"I made a decision: ...I would commit one hundred percent to being an independent author." Bob Mayer
True Crime Writer Ponders Career Change in eBook World
RT : We've counted nearly 400 writers on Google+. Here are six G+ promotional tools for writers:
Neu im Blog: Dean Wesley Smith schreibt zum Thema Self-Publishing ...
Strangers and Friends – Two Kinds of Publishing
Why I Turned Down Two Publishing Contracts
RT : Konrath on the upcoming Global Ebook Explosion.
How To Make A Million Dollars From Writing eBooks: Longevity In The Bestseller Charts via
RT : Better to Sell Less Books with No Piracy or Sell More with More Piracy?: Is it worth enduring…
Chapter 10: Killing the Sacred Cows of Publishing: Book as Event by
"I have more to say ...than can fit into a magazine article, but didn’t want to write a book full of filler"
RT : Are Voluntary Micropayments a Solution for Digital Content?: Will readers voluntary pay…
wichtige Info RT : Müssen Kindle-E-Books an die Deutsche Nationalbibliothek abgeliefert werden?
Interesting as always: The Business Rusch: Deal Breakers by
The New World of Publishing: Traditional or Indie? What To Do Now? by <