Donnerstag, 21. Mai 2009

Im Job gefragter denn je: klar formulieren können

He Wants Subjects, Verbs and Objects, so ist ein Interview mit Richard Anderson, dem Chef von Delta Air Lines, in der New York Times überschrieben. Denn was sucht Anderson bei Bewerbern um Führungspositionen? (Hervorhebungen von mir.)
Really good communication skills. More and more, the ability to speak well and write is important. You know, writing is not something that is taught as strongly as it should be in the educational curriculum. So you’re looking for communication skills...

I think this communication point is getting more and more important. People really have to be able to handle the written and spoken word. And when I say written word, I don’t mean PowerPoints. I don’t think PowerPoints help people think as clearly as they should because you don’t have to put a complete thought in place. You can just put a phrase with a bullet in front of it. And it doesn’t have a subject, a verb and an object, so you aren’t expressing complete thoughts. And a lot of what we do in communication, when you write e-mail, you need to express yourself very clearly so people understand whether we’re going to L.A. today or we’re going to Boston today.
Sich klar und verständlich ausdrücken zu können, ist also im Beruf wichtiger denn je. Leider lernt man das nur selten in der Schule.

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